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  • Extra Dishes for Hepper NomNom

    Set of 2 Extra Dishes to be used with your NomNom Food Bowl. Always have a clean…

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  • Hepper NomNom Bowl

    The NomNom Cat Bowl helps your cat enjoy stress-free meals with our whisker-friendly design. The wide tray keeps your…

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Modern Cat Bowls From Hepper

Making sure your feline friend is well-fed and hydrated is the primary responsibility of any cat parent, but this doesn’t simply end with what food you purchase. Ensuring your cat is eating from the right dish can make a huge difference to their mealtime contentment. For example, many traditional dishes can cause ‘whisker fatigue’ which leads to distress and confusion for cats around meals. The Hepper Nomnom, on the other hand, has an especially wide design to account for this. It’s also made from hardened plastic and stainless steel, which reduces the choking hazard for extra hungry kitties, compared to silicon or other soft plastics. But the most important thing of all, is simply that it’s a cat bowl your feline family will want to eat and drink from. At Hepper, we really care about our products looking great in reality, not just on a screen. With a 360 degree curled tray lip, stray pieces of food or droplets of water will be caught easily, keeping your floor spotless. What’s more, after the meal is over, simply “pop” out the stainless steel dishes, and send them straight to the dishwasher! Why settle for ugly and unusable cat furniture, when you can have something in your home that you’re proud of?

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Hepper Nomnom - Designed to keep your cats happy and your floors spotless. The Nomnom is a modern cat bowl designed to work with any and all food you think is best for your kitty cat. Nomnom Extra Dishes - This set of stainless steel dishes is the perfect companion to any Nomnom purchase. Simply pop them into the plastic tray, and you’re ready for dinnertime! It means you’re always ready to feed, without waiting for the dishwasher to finish first. Hepper bowls - keeping your cats well-fed and your floors spotless.