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Deshedding Cat Brush (Comb Long or Short Hair)

We all know that grooming is far less fun than petting, and every cat would take cuddles over combs in a heartbeat. That’s why this deshedding brush makes it as simple as possible to enjoy your feline companion without constantly being surrounded by their hair. The 60-degree bent needles mean no fuss or fury for your kitty, and once brushing is over, a simple click is all you need to toss collected hair. No mess, and certainly no stress, so you’ll be back to snuggling in no time.


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About this item

Features -
  • Stainless-steel high-density pins
  • One-click hair removal for easy cleanup 
  • 60-degree bent needles to reduce discomfort when combing
  • Easy waterproof cleaning 
Materials/care +

No more detangling and fiddling with bristles – One button is all it takes to remove hair!



Cat shedding can be a tough ordeal. This kitten brush / cat brush pops out fur with just a simple press, leaving you a simple bunch of hair to throw away. Made of resilient ABS plastic and metal bristles with rubber stops, this cat brush is tough enough to get the job done – however rough those tangles might be!



We designed the Deshedding Cat Brush to solve all these problems!


And because we appreciate modern furnishings, we made it look great too! While any cat with good taste will appreciate the Deshedding Cat Brush, the real benefits are all for you, their parent.

One-Click Hair Removal 


Featuring one push release, this cat brush pops out fur with just a simple press.

60-Degree Needles 


A cat fur brush with 60 degree angled, fine bristles and rubber stoppers will bring massaging comfort to any furry friend.



Whether working through long hair, medium hair or short hair this brush is waterproof for a super speedy clean.


Made of Chew-proof ABS plastic for perfect peace of mind

This deshedding cat brush is tough on pet hair but gentle as can be on your favorite feline!


Do you absolutely love your cat, but loathe the hair they leave all over your home and your clothes? Get your cat’s shedding under control with this ultra-effective deshedding cat brush. Whether you have a long-haired lion or a short-haired house cat, this brush will remove all that unneeded volume from your cat’s coat, and with one click, clean-up is done.


Our stainless-steel pin brush features high-density teeth that penetrate your cat’s coat to scoop up all that spare hair, but safety tips on the end of each needle mean your kitty won’t slink away in fear or discomfort. In fact, they may even enjoy this little massage, and so will you thanks to the round, easy-hold design. Best of all, it’s waterproof! A quick wash and your brush is as clean as the day you bought it.

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